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Warum braucht man Tanzschuhe?

Why do you need dancing shoes?

Why do you need dancing shoes?

Dance shoes are more than just elegant accessories on the dance floor - they are an essential tool for dancers of any experience level. Whether you're a beginner or have spent many years on the dance floor, quality dance shoes play a crucial role in your dance experience. Here are some reasons why dance shoes are a must for every dancer.

1. Comfort & protection for your knees and joints:

The first and perhaps most obvious reason why dance shoes are essential is the comfort they provide. Dance shoes are specifically designed to provide optimal support for the foot while allowing for freedom of movement. Thanks to suede, sneaker, or hard rubber soles, the soles of dance shoes are flexible enough to allow for turning and gliding while providing enough support to prevent injury. Flexibility is illustrated in the product image below of our PD 002 Pro shoe. A well-designed dance shoe reduces stress on the feet and joints, which is especially beneficial during longer dance sessions.

2. Perfect fit:

Dance shoes come in different widths and sizes to ensure you get the best fit possible. A custom fit is important to avoid blisters, pressure points, and discomfort that can occur with the wrong shoes. A dance shoe that fits like a glove will allow you to focus on the moves and techniques instead of worrying about sore feet. We also offer products with an extra wide fit. In addition, you'll find indications on many products as to whether they're suitable for wide or narrow feet.

3. Better performance:

The right dance shoe can greatly improve your dance performance. The special soles of dance shoes allow you to turn, glide and bounce effortlessly. They provide the right level of grip and slip resistance depending on the type of dance you are performing. This results in a more fluid and controlled movement, adding professionalism and elegance to your dance style. For example, we also have dance shoes with outdoor soles that are made for outdoor parties, such as the PD 808 dance shoe below.

4. Style and confidence:

Dance shoes are not only functional, but also stylish. They come in different designs, colors and materials to match your personal style. Whether it's a flat shoe or one with a heel, glitter or simple plain, a good pair of dance shoes can boost your confidence on the dance floor as they are not only comfortable but you look good too. The right shoes can complete the overall look of your dance performance and add a professional touch to your appearance. At the beginning of your dance career, we recommend a black or tan colored pair so that your shoes match any outfit. You can find our great starter kits here.

Please note that you also need to take good care of your dance shoes. A upurward brush will keep your shoes working longer, as you can use it to roughen up the suede sole at any time. Heel protectors also protect your shoe heel so that the shoe lasts longer.

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