About us

Dance Till You Drop - with the dance shoes of Dancing Queens

Dancing Queens wants you to dance your nights carefree in the most beautiful and convenient dance shoes. Our shoes are suitable for salsa, Kizomba, Bachata, Tango, but also all other dances.

At present we work with the suppliers Alvares Dance Shoes, Lidmag, Esmeralda and Portdance. So we make sure that our shoes have a high quality and produce in Europe.

Who is behind Dancing Queens?

Betina and Sophie

Sophie and Bettina met at a Food Start-up before 2017. Quickly we realized that the dynamics in a start-up great fun is prepared.

We could not be different and yet we can blind. What connects us: traveling.

What distinguishes us: Sophie's love for basketball and Bettina's passion for salsa. Incidentally, it offers in Pfäffikon ZH LadyStyle courses. The lessons are individually affordable and take place 2x weekly. More info at 076 377 05 77.

We in the media:
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